Compare And Contrast Superman And Sherman Alexie

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He was three-years-old when he taught himself how to read. Even Though Alexie was reading at the age of three he wasn’t considered a prodigy because he was Indian. His dad would buy a bunch of books and since he loved his dad he decided to love books as well. He first learned how to read with a Superman comic. Throughout the essay Sherman Alexie uses an extended metaphor to describe the connection he has with Superman. Superman and Alexie both save lives even though they have different methods. “I am trying to save our lives.” Sherman Alexie tries to save people’s lives with books and knowledge. “One failure and you forget all the good I’ve done.” Superman constantly saves lives by using his powers. Sherman and Superman are both considered oddities even though Sherman was born on Earth. “...simply an oddity.” Alexie was an oddity because he is a smart Indian. “...born Kal-El on the planet Krypton…” According to Wikipedia Superman was born on another planet which makes him an oddity. …show more content…

“...against their locked doors.” Sherman uses a metaphor to say that he is trying to get them to read. “Superman is breaking down the door.” Superman breaks down doors to save people’s lives. Throughout his essay Sherman Alexie uses an extended metaphor to compare himself to Superman. The way he compared himself to Superman is how he talks about saving the kid’s lives. The difference between how they save lives is that Sherman saves the kid’s lives with books; whereas, Superman saves lives by fighting

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