Superman And Me By Sherman Alexie Analysis

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“Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie

In Sherman Alexie’s autobiographical essay, he uses an extended metaphor to compare and contrast himself and a fictional character Superman. Illustrations that was used by Alexie made a huge impact on this essay. It helps the readers better understand what is being said in Alexie’s “Superman and Me”. On this essay, Alexie mentions how he can see his family being a paragraph. Also, one of an extended metaphor that was used is how Superman and Alexie broke down the doors. Sherman Alexie is an Indian boy who started to read books because of his father who he looked up to. Since he loved his father’s devotion, he picked up a book and there he first understood the purpose of a paragraph. “The words themselves were mostly foreign, but I still remember the exact moment when I first understood… the purpose of a paragraph…” (Alexie paragraph 3). When he discovered what a paragraph was, he started comparing his family to a paragraph. He stated that like a paragraph, his family works together to achieve one main goal. He explained that his family existed as a separate paragraph, but he can still connect some ideas to link them. In the first illustration, Superman’s face shows frustration because he is frightened that they, the citizens, will forget about all the good …show more content…

Superman, an iconic superhero, saves people by his superpower while Alexie saves people by reading. “I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives.” Alexie used repetitive words to emphasize how Sherman Alexie and Superman have several characteristics. Superman can be seen in the second illustration standing triumphantly on a statue while braveness was shown on his face. Alexie believes that intelligence can save and change people's lives. He reads because he wants to save his life. He reads because he wants to save everybodys

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