Compare And Contrast Superman And Beowulf

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Throughout the years, Beowulf has been compared to many modern day super heroes. However, the super hero that Beowulf is most easily compared to is Superman. Although there are multiple differences amongst these two characters, there are a few similarities as well. Such similarities exist in appearances, as well as supernatural qualities. Moreover, Beowulf and Superman are both portrayed as heroes for their time. Both Beowulf and Superman travel far and wide to defeat villains, save people, and encourage others. Their appearances are similar as well. Superman and Beowulf are dry, muscular, and strong. In fact, most people during their time would have considered them handsome.
Both Beowulf and Superman have supernatural qualities. Beowulf has the ability to breathe under water. This is portrayed when Beowulf goes to kill Grendel’s mother, and he is drug into the monster’s liar. “With that, Beowulf dives into the lake. It takes him nearly a day to reach the bottom. From her lair, the monster senses the presence of a human. She grips Beowulf hard, but his armor saves him from injury. But she drags him to her lair. He is attacked by sea beasts.” Along with his ability to breath under water, Beowulf also has super strength. We are shown this after Beowulf has been drug into the monster’s …show more content…

An example of Superman’s super strength would be when he is fighting the bad guys and picks up cars and other heavy objects to use as weapons. Even though both heroes share the power of super strength, Superman possess other attributes that are unique to only him. Superman has the ability to fly anywhere he wants. An example of Superman flying would be when Superman is flying around to help save the towns people during a fight with the bad guys. Superman is also immortal, unlike Beowulf. Immortality is a power that everyone wants, but only a few possess. In DC comics, Superman is part of a select few who has the power of

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