Superman And Beowulf Comparison Essay

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Beowulf and Superman are considered epic heroes because of the feats and battles both have conquered, along with the villains and countless evil creatures that have been defeated. Despite being closely similar in the journey each takes and the enemies they vanquish; each is vastly different in certain points of their existence and attitudes. Beowulf and Superman’s differences and similarities start at the beginning of each one’s lives and end at the last moments of their journeys. Superman and Beowulf have both struggled to conquer all foes and enemies and have fought hard for the lives each has lived, or is living, and both have acquired the titles of being an epic hero.
There are scenes in both Superman and Beowulf’s quests where they show different attitudes and personalities. One prime example of this difference is that Beowulf is an honorable man, but is presented as boastful, arrogant and merciless to all foes. Superman on the other hand, is presented as an honorable and humble man that shows mercy even to the hordes of enemies challenging Earth. Even the beginning to their journeys are different, Superman is shown growing up along with his back story being loosely explained, but Beowulf …show more content…

Their similarities are found in the symbolic nature their battles, the characteristics of being an epic hero and even the way they pass on leadership. When Beowulf battles Grendel, it is closely similar to how Superman’s fight with General Zod is shown. Both Zod and Grendel want to terrorize the sacred place that the heroes, Superman and Beowulf, want to protect. Another similarity would be that both defeated their threats with bare hand handed combat because of the immense strength both Beowulf and Superman had. Though they have different personalities, what both share is that both are honorable, brave and determined to push to the end of the mission without

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