A Critical Analysis Of Superman's Song

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Superman’s Song, written as a eulogy, expresses more than respect for a fallen Superhero; it voices Robert’s grief, thereby creating pathos, at the passing of a great man: “And sometimes I despair the world will never see another man like him.” Roberts expresses not only his own “despair” but the “world's” despair of having lost Superman. Honest men are rare. Rarer yet are men of virtue, men of integrity, and men of compassion. Superman was such a man. He had the “strength” to “smash through any bank,” but would not. His morals remained intact. Instead, he strove to help those around him and worked selflessly to fight against the evils. It would be almost impossible to find someone that selfless today. Everyone is so indulged in getting the best for themselves, and wanting to see themselves on the top, that they tend not be compassionate in the way Superman was. Therefore grief and sorrow are depicted over the fact that the world would never see another Superman, especially with all the good men going into hiding.

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