Is Superman A Hero

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Superman Villain or Hero Many people would argue that Superman is a hero of Earth, but many fail to realize the consequences of having a powerful man come into existence. One of the prices evil will always rise up to challenge a good-hearted person. In turn crime rates would drop down as hundreds of innocent lives are saved daily by Superman. Sadly, the question remains, would Superman still be perceived as a hero as time goes on? When it comes to the films such as Superman v. Batman, The Dark Knight, and Man of Steel. I’d have to say that Superman is an indirect villain from all the films and information I have gathered. Where no longer people consider Superman a hero, but realize that Superman can be considered a villain. One thing the people must recognize that there must always be a balance between good and evil. People could argue that there are no good and evil and merely a perspective. Yet, there’s always a polar opposite of a fact; an example being we have a north and south pole. Where one arguable fact, as Superman came into existence, Superman has only caused strife and devastation. Such as Zod descending from the skies with an alien spaceship, with intent on trying to annihilate the human species. (Steel) Superman, with the help of U.S. Air Force, stopped not only one ship but two ships. Where thousands of lives …show more content…

In the end, these are facts and some opinions that could be argued depending on the viewpoint. The main point being; is Superman a hero or a villain? Taken into consideration, of course, that Superman 's presence is a beacon for evil to pop out from the ground. Though in return crime rates has dropped dramatically and hundreds of lives were saved by Superman. How long will Superman remain perceived as a hero by the people? Is Superman truly a hero or a man that indirectly and directly causing strife in humanity? Clearly, Superman is not the best hero out there, but he can definitely be considered a villain from his poor choice of

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