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  • Batman The Joker Hero

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    not be an intersecting art form. Without these antagonist heroes like Batman won 't be the same without the Joker. Villains are important to the one we call the hero and one of the greatest Villains of all time is the Prince of crime himself the Joker. There is something about a maniacal clown going around a city, killing people for no reason other than just for fun people love. The joker is one the most recognizable fictional characters in the world. His green hair, white skin, and giant red smile

  • Heroism In The Joker

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    the vilian is defeated. My favorite vilian through out all fiction would have to be the joker. I picked the joker because the joker has a sertain way of doing things. The way he struts or dose a crime is diffrent from every other villian in Gotham. Every thing in life is a joke to him and he even says that "the greatest joke is life itself" showing how little concern for life joker has. Even when the Joker works with someone or he hires someone to work for him he dose'nt care at all for that person

  • What Are The Villains In The Joker

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    between two well-known villains in today’s movie lore, The Joker from the Batman™ series and Darth Vader from the Star Wars™ franchise. Specifically the Joker from the movie, The Dark Knight, and Darth Vader from “Star Wars: New Hope”. Both villains have forceful and necessary roles. The characters, The Joker and Darth Vader, have contrasting motives but are similar in playing the villain role and are indispensable in the movie 's success. The Joker and Darth Vader have a unique appearances setting them

  • Joker Vs Batman

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    wickedness or crime, two of whom are The Joker, featured in The Dark Knight, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, and A Death in the Family and Poseidon, shown in Homer’s The Odyssey. The Clown Prince of Crime has far many better traits than the Earthshaker. It must not be overlooked that Poseidon has a great deal of traits that make him a good

  • The Joker In The Suicide Squad

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    than a century. Who says this phrase? Why, the ever extravagant character- The Joker, of course. The Joker has been reincarnated by several different actors, but out of all of them, the recent actor, Jared Leto in the movie, Suicide Squad, has the best interpretation. Based on knowledge from the original comics and notes from Bill Finger (creator of The Joker), Leto successfully portrayed the character. To play The Joker, an actor must be able to accomplish three simple tasks: portray his lunatic nature

  • The Similarities Between Batman And The Joker

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    Superhero vs. Supervillain Batman and the Joker have been enemies for quite some time now. They have plenty of differences, yet also some similarities. They are the main supervillain and superhero of Gotham City. The main difference is that Batman is a protector, because his parents were brutally murdered, and Joker is a threatener, because he thinks murder and mayhem is funny. Batman was born in Gotham City, so now he protects it. Joker has an unknown place of birth, so he came to this city

  • Batman And The Joker In The Great Gatsby

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    Enemies are portrayed as being opposites of each other and work to repel the other like magnets. When one thinks of enemies, they may think of Batman and the Joker. One works to preserve the well being in Gotham and tries to prove that it has good people living in it. The Joker on the other hand works to upset the established power and expose their corruption to the public through heinous crimes. Such is not the case in The Great Gatsby. Jay Gatsby and Tom Buchanan are two very wealthy men fighting

  • The Joker

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    mischief depicts an ancient version of our more modern character The Joker from the DC Universe. Joker reimages our interpretation Loki in many ways, for example, both have an aptitude for causing chaos, mayhem, and are a catalyst for change. Negative human emotion caused by early psychological stress have a correlation with late behavior as can be observed clearly in the Norse god Loki and the Joker. When comparing both Loki and Joker they do not seem to have the same motives in why they revel in our

  • The Joker Villain

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    The Entity Vs. the Joker “The horror genre was born out of a cultural need to confront and vicariously conquer something frightening that we do not fully comprehend.” (Barsam and Monaham) After analyzing the villains from the films, It Follows and Batman the Dark Knight. We see how both It and The Joker are the similar yet so different very different. The villain It comes from a film classified as horror, and The Joker from Batman: The Dark Knight: Rises is in cinema classified as an action film

  • The Joker Analysis

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    summary of Heath Ledger's Joker . There is no rhyme to him, no reason - just an appetite for anarchy, for chaos and for destruction that marks him out as the most terrifying screen psycho in years. The director Nolan attempted to portray Joker as a "psychopathic, mass murdering, schizophrenic clown with zero empathy." Throughout the film, the Joker states his desire to upset social order through crime, and comes to define himself by his conflict with Batman. The Joker describes his with

  • The Dark Knight Character Analysis Of Batman

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    criminals who utilize fear to prey on their victims. Bruce would train and become a force to fight crime and uphold the safety of the people of Gotham. In the Dark Knight, the main antagonist or villain of the story goes by the name of “The Joker”. The joker is an odd character in such that he

  • Harvey Dent In Dark Night

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    research the true origin of the joker in the dark night, it has been reported is Joker was abused as a child by his father who gave him the on his mouth and when his gambling wife left him, it helped turn him insane while the origin story of the joker in suicide squad is he was a chemical engineer who fell into a chemical waste that disfigure his appearance helping him to turn insane. Even though he states two different scenarios of how he received these scars. Joker lives up to the fortune teller’s

  • Batman Compare And Contrast Essay

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    As a child batman had it rough and the joker had it as rough as him. Both Batman and the Joker and lost their parents and they both play dress up and has traumatic events in their lives. The only difference between Batman and Joker is bad and good. Batman has more vanity over the joker which is completely insane. Batman is a dark and mysterious person but he knows the fine line between right and wrong By this I mean batman can tell when he needs to hurt someone or help them. For example,

  • Batman's Ambiguity In The Dark Knight

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    billionaire who dedicates himself to protecting Gotham City from its criminal underworld and from his archenemy, The Joker. One of the reasons Batman can be considered ambiguous is because he does immoral things such as hacking peoples cellphones and using the signals as a map of the city, even though he commits this unethical act, it is all done to protect the city from The Joker. The vigilante Batman is always dressed in black and only comes out at night, hence The Dark Knight, this is ironic

  • Batman Returns In The Movie Batman

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    Simply batman>We know very little about why he is batman and also very little about why he is doing what he is doing. It is hardly mentioned that his parents died and we have to come to our own conclusions which are that he is getting revenge on the joker for killing his parents to restore justice to the city of darkness. • He is very arrogant because he believes he can get rid of every single villain in gotham city. • One gets the sense that his riches are spent on unimportant extravagancies like

  • Batman Symbolism In The Dark Knight

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    In The Dark Knight, Batman faces his evil counterpart, the Joker. “The plot involves nothing more or less than the Joker’s attempts to humiliate the forces for good and expose Batman’s secret identity, showing him to be a poser and a fraud” (Ebert, 2008). The Joker plans out different schemes to kill people in wicked and vile ways. “In one diabolical scheme near the end of the film, he invites two ferry-loads

  • Time Of The Wolves Character Analysis

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    “Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it”. Have you ever experience conflict with yourself not wanting to do something but doing it anyways, against someone else or even against nature? This essay will explain the different kinds of conflict in order of: Person versus self, person versus self and person versus nature. In the story Time of the Wolves Alma had to overcome some tough obstacles and a variety of conflicts. The first conflict she had to conquer was self

  • The Dark Knight Character Analysis Essay

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    Dinesh A/L Tamil Selvam Adriel Wong ENL 102 22 October 2015 The Iconic Character in “The Dark Knight” Of all the villains in the history of pop culture, the Joker is without doubt one of the most enduring and iconic, sharing ranks with the likes of such immortal fiends as Darth Vader and Hannibal Lecter. And though he has always been popular, it is Christopher Nolan and Heath Ledger’s mesmerizing interpretation in 2008’s The Dark Knight that has indelibly branded the character onto our consciousness

  • Antisocial Personality Disorder In 'The Dark Knight'

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    1. Introduction The Dark Knight is part of the Batman trilogy. In this movie, it focuses more onto Batman and The Joker. The Joker is known to be one of the most fearful criminals in Gotham city because of his attacks that is unpredictable and causes chaos towards the city. At the beginning of the movie, there is a new district attorney, Harvey Dent who is the uncommon courteous in Gotham. He is a law graduate and has successfully won many cases. Harvey Dent was a noble individual who has the goal

  • Harvey Dent Character Analysis

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    woman Harvey wants to marry). He always picks head because there is a picture of a woman on both sides of the coin. The joker kidnaps Harvey and Rachel, giving batman the choice of whom he wants to save. Batman saves Harvey just before the explosion, but half of Harvey’s face melted. At the hospital, the loss of Rachel becomes too much for Harvey, and after a small talk with the joker, he turns into the insane villain Two-Face. He now hunts the people who he feels is to blame for Rachel’s death, using