Superman And Me By Sherman Alexie

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“Superman and me,” by Sherman Alexie is about a boy, Sherman, who grows up in an Indian reservation and becomes different than most Indians around him. He began teaching himself to read and other things at a very young age. What he learned to read with was actually a superman comic book. The heroic vibe is definitely well used throughout the story. You can look at many different quotes in the story that would do the heroic vibe justice, but this one in particular sticks out; “I throw my weight against their locked doors. The doors hold. I am smart. I am arrogant. I am lucky. I am trying to save our lives.” The quote itself sounds beautiful, but it’s meaning just ties the whole story together. He learned to read in a quite interesting fashion, …show more content…

Once he learned that he started seeing everything around him in paragraphs. He excelled unlike his classmates who failed and were expected to never do better. Sherman never let that keep him down. He was determined, he was arrogant, and he was going to learn. He became a writer later in his future and started going to Indian schools to talk to kids about how important an education really was. Now, this is where the heroism comes into play. He learned to read by seeing superman break down doors and saying it aloud. Now, he himself is a “superman.” As he said “I’m throwing my weight at their locked doors,” as Superman did to save people in danger. Sherman was trying to help these young Indians understand that there was no reason to not be brilliant.
Not all heros wear capes, and not all of them have superpowers like we see in movies and comics. As readers could see in the story, this superhero started out a young Indian boy, ready to learn no matter what it took. This hero didn’t need any other power other than will-power. Sherman is proof, anyone can help people, or at least try. Throughout the whole story, the main thing, was being different and being willing to try and not give up; to be the best a person could be. He, like Superman, was trying to save their lives, it was all up to if they wanted to listen and take that shot at being

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