Fahrenheit 451 Prosecuting Guy Beatty Analysis

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In the book Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury the case of Montag vs. Captain Beatty we will be prosecuting Guy Montag on murder with a deadly weapon. Guy killed his fire captain with not explanation or reason. Montag is guilty for the murder of Captain Beatty his fire captain. Captain Beatty was an honored, intelligent, innocent man that has done nothing wrong or bad towards Guy Montag. Guy does not act like a normal person like us. For example Beatty was trying to help Montag by giving him the option to destroy his problems but instead he had different plans. Unlike allowing Beatty to help him Montag choose a completely different route that most humans would not even think of doing. All of these actions occurred because Montag was an owner of over twenty books. Books in our society (Fahrenheit 451) are illegal to own because they corrupt ones mind with fake and damaging knowledge. Montag was found with over twenty books in his house which means that he does no think like a normal person. A person who does not think like our society is considered dangerous to themselves and the ones around them, this is why I am prosecuting Guy Montag. Before Captain Beatty was murdered out of cold blood, he was the head fireman at his fire station. He was an honored, intelligent man that had done nothing wrong. As a fire captain you have a certain number of responsibilities that you have to keep and uphold in that position. Once Beatty found out he did the opposite of what a fire captain is

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