How Did Montag Change In Fahrenheit 451

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In addition, another person who changed Montags feelings towards his society was Captain Beatty. Montag's fire captain, Beatty, pushed Montag too far and Montag in turn set him on fire. When Montag stole a book and started reading, Beatty, became suspicious and started making fun of books and poetry. Then when Montag was forced to burn his own books and Beatty was hitting and yelling at him, Montag snapped and set him on fire. Beatty also was a character in the book who Montag changed greatly from.
Lastly, another person who greatly affected Montag was Clarisse. When Montag met Clarisse, he started to question his way of life and why people started burning books in the first place. For example, before Montag met Clarisse, he didn’t

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