What Is Montag's Role In Fahrenheit 451

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In the adaptation of the novel Fahrenheit 451, very specific actors and celebrities were chosen to play the lead roles in the movie. The producers chose James Harden of the Houston Rockets to play Guy Montag for many reasons. James, like Montag, went from just contributing in his society and going along with what other people said and being a small role, to breaking out and being a greater role and an influence. Once James Harden left the Oklahoma City Thunder, where he was suppressed by Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, he left and joined the Rockets and became a superstar and someone who mattered in the NBA. That is just like when Montag left the firehouse where he was being taunted and held back by Captain Beatty, and going out and wanting…show more content…
Russell Westbrook was selected to play the role as the Mechanical Hound for many reasons. Russell Westbrook and James Harden on the Thunder seemed very tense, just like Guy and the Hound were at the firestation. Montag felt very nervous because of how powerful and frightening the Hound was. Once James Harden left the Thunder for the Rockets, Westbrook has been on a journey to beat him at every chance he gets when he plays Harden. That is just like when the Mechanical Hound is sent to find and kill Montag when he disobeys the law and he kills Beatty. Russell Westbrook is also a good fit for the role of the Hound because of how vicious he is and ruthless and non emotional he can be. A line from the novel Fahrenheit 451 describes how the Mechanical Hound is. “The growl simmered in the beast and it looked at him. Montag backed up. The Hound took a step from its kennel. Montag grabbed the brass pole with one hand… He was trembling and his face was green-white. Below, the Hound had sunk back down…”(Bradbury 26). The quote shows that Montag is fearful of the Hound, like Harden fears Westbrook as does the entire league, even though they were on the same
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