Similarities Between Fahrenheit 451 And The Hunger Games

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In Ray Bradbury and Suzanne Collins’s dystopian novels Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games, their protagonists Guy Montag and Katniss Everdeen shared evident similarities. If closely looked at further, a couple of differences can be spotted as well. Although one may notice a few differences between the protagonists in Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games, there are actually more similarities than one may realize, such as both protagonists conform to the dystopian society in the beginning but object to it in the end, both create alliances along the way, and they are both confused about their relationships. In the two dystopian novels Fahrenheit 451 and The Hunger Games, their protagonists Guy Montag and Katniss Everdeen do have a couple of differences. …show more content…

The first similarity between Montag and Katniss is that they both conform to their dystopian societies in the beginning of the novels. Montag conforms to his society by being a firefighter that burns all books in their town. “It was a pleasure to burn” (Bradbury). Not only did he burn them in the beginning, but he enjoyed it. Like Montag, Katniss conforms to her society as well by “sacrificing herself for her sister” (Bradbury) in the games. The second similarity is that both Montag and Katniss object to their societies in the end. Later in Fahrenheit 451, Montag becomes open about reading books and poetry. When his wife’s friends come over, he forces them to listen to poetry despite the trouble that he could get into. Bradbury revealed ow nervous Montag must have been through the text: “... In a low, stumbling voice that grew firmer and firmer as he progressed from line to line…” In The Hunger Games, Katniss threatens suicide to prevent a hunger game’s victor, and then she becomes a political target. “If Peeta and I were both to die, or they thought we were…” (Bradbury). Katniss tries to deny them any winners at all by eating poisonous berries in attempt to kill herself. Next, both Montag and Katniss create alliances throughout their journeys to help them along the way. Montag spends some time with Professor Faber who gives him books and very helpful information. Professor Faber always comforts Montag and shows him that he is not alone: “Patience, Montag. Let the war turn off the ‘families.’ Our civilization is flinging itself to pieces. Stand back from the centrifuge” (Bradbury). Like Professor Faber is to Montag, Katniss has Rue. Rue helps Katniss by warning her of the tracker jacker nest and aids her to eliminate the other tribute. Katniss also has Peeta who fakes love with

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