A Comparison Of Fahrenheit 451 And Anthem

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Comparisons and Contrasts of Fahrenheit 451 and Anthem
The novel Fahrenheit 451 is written with aspects of a society similar to that of Anthem in relation to their futuristic governments and dynamic characters. Montag in Fahrenheit 451 is faced with multiple challenges comparable to those of Prometheus in Anthem. Although each character plays a different role, they are both striving to achieve freedoms and happiness. The wellbeing of themselves and others is predominately the main concern for both Montag and Prometheus. Taking risks is the main reason that they have achieved their accomplishments and freedoms.The contents of each novel are similar due to characters personalities as well as their societies, despite the different steps they take to achieve their goals.
Every character in any book always has different profound attributes. Some of these attributes may be more dominant than others. It is these qualities that help a reader understand who each character really is. Just like a snowflake, not one character from any novel is the same. Montag and Prometheus both have very distinguishing traits that create their profound uniqueness. With that said, due to the amount of traits each character has, there will always be similarities. The most profound similarity in both Montag and Prometheus is the fact that they are both curious. It is curiosity within the two characters that shape each event and outcome throughout both novels. Montag would not have become a dynamic

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