Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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There are plentiful problems that F451 by Ray Bradbury could think of when he was writing his book. He found many flaws in our future, for example the Rules and Order could rule the earth, Suicide Rates will go up because interactions aren’t a thing anymore to even as simple as a front porch not being a thing anymore because people don’t like to socialize anymore. The F451 by Ray Bradbury talks about many things throughout the 150 Page book written in only 9 days. Bradbury was desperate to get the word out to never stop reading because back then reading was the pastime but today its watching TV to sitting on the computer for a span of hours each day. Here are 3 topics that are addressed in F451.

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Many times Clarisse was suicidal because she didn’t know what life was for anymore because she didn’t physically talk with many people because everyone was on their phones or computers so many people are at an emotional disconnection in this story. She was trying to think of a point of life when she was on the low points in the book. Ray Bradbury was right on this point as well because in the early 2000’s we started getting Facebook, Myspace, etc. We started having social networking sites. This was meant to share to people what you are doing when you aren’t with them. But then people started taking it upon their life and started being on those sites too much to the point where they feel lonely because they don’t have someone to talk to in person.This happened to Montag’s Wife when she spent too much time on the Internet of Things and Mildred who got hooked as well. Montag knows Suicide more than anyone in this book. There is a difference when you talk to someone over the phone to someone in real life. Once Montag and Clarisse got a connection in the real life they started feeling for each other and started a bond together. Many people could say that they were even in love from speaking one to another while on their adventure through the chaos in their city by the

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