Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Bradbury seems like he's only against the censorship that interferes with books and writing. Nothing else is mentioned in as great detail as burning books and trying to stop it. There are a couple references to people being forced to speed but not great detail on anything else. I feel like, in a certain way, this society does exist already, though not exactly. People are obsessed with TV and video games and anything to keep them busy, as long as there are educated people out numbering the uneducated and there are people with some sense, then I don't think it will get as bad as in the book. The aspects of this society that Bradbury appears to detest the most is burning books to please everyone. He shows this by giving Beatty a big speech talking …show more content…

There isn't anything similar about them that isn't anatomy related. Clarisse came to exist when she moved in next door to Montag and Mildred and popped up on the street next to Montag one day asking him to walk her home. For most of the story, even Montag didn't know where Mildred came from. It was only at the end that he remembered that he had met her in Chicago. Clarisse plays the role in society of thinking of things that nobody thinks to think of. She is completely innocent and shows Montag the world through a different set of lense. She tells him that people don't talk as much and that why porches stopped being built. She also tells him that firemen used to put out fires. Mildred plays the fool caught up in herself and in her wants. She is there to show how naive people are and what's the norm, always sitting around talking to her “family”. Neither of these women can truly survive. Mildred couldn't take care of herself because she wouldn't go get a job for want of watching the TV walls. Clarisse couldn't survive, and didn't, because she is too innocent and nobody understands her. She actually does get hit by a car proving that she isn't capable of

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