Censorship In Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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In the book Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, books and other forms of media are controlled by the government. If anyone is found to have books of any kind, firefighters are sent to not put out fires, but to start them. The firefighters will take away the person possessing books, send them to jail, and burn their house down to rid of any book that it contains. Although this book is fictional, it predicted many things including the censorship and banning of books in today’s society. In the world that we live in, children are often exposed to the hard facts of life. But parents and educators are trying to protect them from it through the censorship of books. The same reason for censorship happened in Fahrenheit 451. The books started to …show more content…

And why is that? Well one of the main reasons is because parents and other proponents don’t want children to have exposure to inappropriate materials such as racism and sexual acts (H, 2015). Another reason is that some books are just not justified or morally right. If a colored person is at the library and sees a book written by the KKK, the y shouldn’t have to stand for it (Lopez, 2016). Even though the book is protected by the Constitution, the book is still not right (Loez, 2015). One modern day example of censorship for a good reason is in Mark Twain’s book, Huckleberry Finn. Several years ago the “n” word was replaced to slave because many people were uncomfortable with how often the word appeared; 219 times to be precise (Moore, M. T., 2011). One of the big reasons the word was replaced was because of teachers complaints about parents and students saying the book was “injurious” and “hurtful” (Moore, M. T., 2011). Alan Gribben, professor of English at Auburn University-Montgomery says “When the younger reader is staring at that word five times on a given page and the instructor is saying, 'Mark Twain didn't mean this and you have to read it with an appreciation of irony,' you're asking a lot of a younger reader (Moore, M. T., 2011).” Another reason why some are pro censorship is because they think certain media can contaminate minds of people (H, 2015). They also argue that with censorship, society can maintain its morals and ethics because things such as mass murders and violence will not be commended (H,

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