Censorship In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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Mothers often control a lot of what their children see or do. This still happens to adults, but by the government; it is called censorship. Even though we are not as censored as the people in Ray Bradbury’s novel Fahrenheit 451 censorship is still a problem. The book presents a society where everything is censored. Censorship is wrong because it silences minorities, the government can control almost everything we see, and it is unconstitutional.

Censorship sciences minorities. In the article entitled “Reading, Writing and Censorship: When Good Books Can Get Schools in Trouble”. Barbara Miner remarks “The Bill of Rights protects not only freedom of speech, but the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances…”. When a minority …show more content…

In the article entitled “Censorship in the Schools” the author states “Censorship is harmful because it results in the opposite of true education and learning”. The government controls what we see and learn so they could be keeping things from us. The ALA also says censorship provides conformity and lack of growth intellectually. This further proves the last statement we never learn everything that is out there. The government censorship censors a lot of what we are exposed to.

Censorship is against the constitution. In DiMarco’s “Why I Banned a Book” he states “Access to information is a basic human right not to be tampered with, not to be controlled in any way”. Which is true because no one should be denied to learn something. He then goes on to say a lot of people still didn't know that censorship was a thing. That is sad because it's being hidden from them. It is unconstitutional to censor something from …show more content…

In the article, “Pros and Cons of Censorship” Prabhakar Pillai states, “It can be used to prevent politically motivated propaganda”. To explain some people believe we should control how some people run for office. It is understandable why the opposition believes that people running for office should be controlled in some way. Even though making sure people don't lie in their ads for their campaign, censorship is still wrong.

As previously stated, Ray Bradbury deals with some issues of censorship in his book Fahrenheit 451. In this novel the entire population is controlled and censored and things are terrible because of it. As said in the book. “We are living in a time when flowers are trying to live off flowers, instead of growing on food rain and black loam.”. It means we need to read books and learn to truly grow instead of just living off each other.

Censorship while having some good sides is mostly negative for the world. It's against the constitution. Censorship also censors minorities. While being controlled by big groups and the government. Hopefully in the future society will see how harmful censorship is in general.


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