Pros And Cons Of Censorship In Fahrenheit 451

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The world gets crueler everyday. There are new crimes being committed daily, and sometimes it can be because of what people are subjected to. In Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, this topic is discussed. In order to create a more positive environment, the world needs censorship. Without it, kids would be surrounded by bad influences, people would always find topics to argue about, and lives can even be ruined without it. Censorship protects kids. In the article entitled “What Children Need is Censorship”, Aric Sigman remarks, “The difference between a child and an adult is that children are more vulnerable to the effects of everything from sunburn and alcohol to ideas and images.” Children are easily influenced most of the time. When they see adults doing things, they wanna do it, too. Sigman also says while free speech may be a laudable aim between adults, the concept is now being used primarily by commercial interests to speak freely to our children. There are certain …show more content…

Prabhakar Pillai, author or “Pros and Cons of Censorship”, states “It [censorship] prevents the public display of disrespect to any particular individual or community.” Racism, sexism, and other forms of hates towards a group of people wouldn’t be all over the internet. Cyberbullying could be diminished. Geoff Yang then goes on to say, “We need censorship to keep the dimly lit corners of cyberspace safe.” Nowadays, simply voicing your opinion, or even not owning up to society’s idea of “perfect”, can result in cyberbullying. Censorship could even save lives. Prabhakar Pillai, author of “Pros and Cons of Censorship”, says “Scenes of people consuming alcohol or smoking influence people to copy them.” Seeing others suffer from substance abuse may peak others’ curiosity, which could lead them down the same path. Pillai also says. “It prevents violence by stopping the broadcast of events, which might trigger it.” Violent crimes could be decreased with

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