Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Imagine Living in a world thats all a lie in a society where television screens, fast cars, and the complete banishement of books is seen as the perfect solution. In this Novel firemen arent the heroes the extinguishers of fires that get out of hand they turn out to be the source of the fires of any book they come across, Observing the flames as they burn every last peace of litature. This was a time where a government had all power over a population by using there so called deadliest wepon and their authoritative power to make their citizens oblivious. The author Ray Bradbury, does a good job of showing the readers how censorship can transform a society in a not so good way, and how a person can use the power of knowledge to start a revolution. In the novel the authors message he is trying to put across is …show more content…

¨there must be something in books, things we cant imagine, to make a woman stay in a burning house ;there must be something there,You dont stay for nothing.¨ (Hearth;46). This particular expirence stated in the book impacted montag, making him take books from the places that are suppose to be burned and hiding them away from the firemen in order for him to solve his unhappiness with his life and soon decides to make a change by not showing up to work the next day and not listening to officer Beattys opinion on why books were bad and to make a change for their society for the better. Montag and Faber then make a plan to make copies of books to leave in the firehouse so that would make rethink why firemen burn litature to keep it for themselves, soon after they change people perspective of books and actually help change their society in conclusion, Fariheite 451 is a perfect example on how censorship can shape and affect a society . It highlights todays continous topic that is going on in todays society. The battle between knowledge and lack of knowledge, and use of censorship by the goerment to brainwash a society.

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