What Is Fahrenheit 451 A Dystopian Society

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We live in a utopian society but unfortunately people tend to think in a dystopian way. Rather than being thankful for what they have by accepting and enjoying what’s around them, people are starting to become antisocial and harbor less sympathy for those who are not close to them. On one hand a dystopian society is a place or state in which everything is unpleasant or bad, it is usually due to the governments way of rule or the environment they are surrounded with. On the other hand a utopian society is a place or state of things in which everything is perfect. This issue is present in Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451”, he centers his story around a dystopian society that is ruled by technology and fears any kind of behavior that indicates…show more content…
Technology is known for its quick adaption and the new devices made to quench human activity. That is by depending too much on technology and forsaking human contact, which results in censorship and control over human thoughts. In addition, book burning embodies an element of censorship since it usually triggers from cultural, religious, or political oppositions. And since it is the main idea of the novel we can deduce that when no books are present people tend to become ignorant which is exactly what censorship is about. The theme of censorship is very important because it strives to combine all the events happening in the novel. Regards to the book, Mildred, Montag’s wife, represents ignorance which is the result of censorship in the novel, while Montag was mainly objecting technology and book burning, since they both tend to make people ignorant. He struggles to find the truth about book burning which led to the expansion of technology, but he later on finds out that its an act of censorship from the government. All in all, Ray Bradbury’s novel was successful since it combines all aspects of depending highly on technology and easily being influenced by stronger powers which might lead to a future just like the one in Fahrenheit 451.In addition, he effectively exposes the themes of the novel through showing readers the struggle of being clever in a dystopian society, and the effects of being ignorant and acolyte. Moreover, the real act of book burning was historical since it might have changed the world forever and shaped it into the dystopian society Montag was living
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