A Dystopian Society In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451

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“It was a pleasure to burn” (Bradbury, line 1 page 1). The book Fahrenheit 451 is similar and different from our society. Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian like setting. In a dystopian society, they can only do some things and they have a bunch of rules, and our society is neither a dystopian or a utopian society, Our society has rules too, but we have more freedom than Fahrenheit’s society does. There are at least three features that are similar and different are laws, Education, and happiness. “Hello I am a firefighter in the book Fahrenheit 451 but I am a special kind of firefighter. We firefighters love to burn, we burn books for a living and we love to do it. The only reason we burn books is because it is forbidden. We all need to be equal, books make some people happy but not other people so we burn them so we don 't have to deal with people who are different.” In this society, they cant read books and if they do they get locked up in jail. But some people don 't care, they love books so much that they are willing to go against the law or even die. In this society they cannot read books, and if they do their books get burned and they go to jail for …show more content…

In our society we also have many comparisons and differences. In this society we have rules, but we get more freedom. There are at least three most important topics that need to be brought up. One Law enforcement, Friends, and relationships. In our society we have different laws than Fahrenheit 451. Our law enforcement we have the Police, Fire Department, Paramedics. All of these law enforcements help keep our society safe from any harm. In Fahrenheits society they only have the fire department, but their firemen are different from us. When they go to work they wait till the alarm sounds and instead of going to stop fires they go and break the citizens house down and destroy where there books are and then they put kerosene all over them and burn the books. And if there are too many books they burn the whole house

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