Conformity And Individuality In Fahrenheit 451

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In the novel Fahrenheit 451 conformity and individuality is something to talk about. Conformity and individuality are very important themes in Fahrenheit 451 and in modern life. The novel demonstrates how individuality is very rare. Is about modern America. Without individuality today, everyone would not be different and would follow someone else trends and everything about them. In the society of Fahrenheit 451, people would stick to desires of others, so that they are not left alone by society. They would look for answers in books of what was the purpose for their life. In Fahrenheit 451 people who express their individuality find themselves as social outcasts, and are at worst in real danger. There are a lot of quotes in Fahrenheit 451 that are about conformity and individuality. "Are you happy?" (Bradbury, part 1). Clarisse is asking …show more content…

Sometimes we want to be different, but we can't. We want to stand out, but we are afraid to do so. And sometimes, we might form our own opinion. However, sooner or later we are forced to change our own opinion so that society accept us. Modern life is confusing. We may follow conformity or individuality. We choose to be someone else to be accepted or just be ourselves. Let people think what they want to think. Be weird if you want, be different. In conclusion, conformity may dominate society, but there is always the chance to be yourself. Don't let others choose who they want you to be. Be yourself, choose your own decisions and have your own desires. In Fahrenheit 451 conformity and individuality are seen as problems that everyone has, which is true. Everyone suffers every day to fit in or not being accepted for being different. Conformity and individuality are important themes. We apply them to our lives. Conformity is everywhere, but individuality is very rare to find because everyone is afraid. Conformity versus individuality is important to study in order to better understand

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