Fahrenheit 451 And Today's Society

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Fahrenheit 451 –Analytical Essay There are a few common aspects of the setting of Fahrenheit 451, a book by Ray Bradbury and today’s society. Just like any books being burned in Fahrenheit 451, our government holds certain information as classified and does not let it out to the general public. Both societies use censorship as a way of limiting knowledge. Oversight and surveillance continue to be allowed at an alarming rate and was a part of Bradbury’s concerns. Fitting in and being "normal” or mainstream are not as accepted in either setting. There are many similarities through the book setting and today 's society. One similarity that Fahrenheit 451 has with today’s society is that the majority of the population has been restricted access and censored from important information. Throughout Fahrenheit 451, there was the burning of books so this knowledge would not be passed on to future generations. In today’s society, there are so many instances where the full truth is left out when the story is conveyed to the public. This is accomplished through channels of mass media, such as television, radio & social media. And people chose not to listen to the full story because it is easier to take the shortened version. Bradbury said, “ but you can 't make people listen. They have come round in their own time, wondering what happened and why the world blew up around them. It can 't last.” You can tell people the truth and they will still listen to the lie but when the lie hurts

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