Why Is Fahrenheit 451 So Important In Today's Society

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In today's society, we have the opportunity to access all the world's information at our finger tips with a few key strokes. Imagine a day when everything that we have suddenly is controlled. No more freedom to do as you please. This is a great novel about how we as an American society's future could become. With books being illegal in the society and being burned daily, by fireman of all people. Guy Montag, who is the main character of the book , he is a fireman. At the beginning Guy was a normal content man and married to a women called Mildred who loved the T.V. She would watch the T.V. for hours on end. She beleived the walls around her was her family and wanted more and more T.V time with her family. Just like in todays's society people would rather watch T.V. and base shows on how they think they should raise their family. One day Guy meets a seventeen year old girl named Clarisse. Who begins to talk to him and challenge his way of thinking. Clarisse had set of a light and made him revaluate his life and way of thinking. He began to question everything he had been made to beleive. …show more content…

He was made to burn books and help catch the people and bring them to justice. Books were becoming obsolete during this time and if you wanted to read a book you had to hide out in secret. If you tried to run from them they would send a mechanical hound and it would inject you with a four inch hollow needle with mass jolts of morphine to subdue the convect reader. Guy had started hidding books as he went to his job site to burn them. He started reading and not watching T.V. with his wife Mildred. This is an example of how technolgy can lure you in and you for get who you are and the knowledge of a book can be power. The society doesn't want the power in everyones

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