Rhetorical Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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A Supreme Court Justice, Potter Stewart, once said, “Censorships reflects a society's lack of confidence in itself.” Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury shows us a futuristic society that he believes we are heading for. In his book, novels are banned and it is up to a group of firemen to go around and burn them all. In the end, an unexpected hero arises to go against his current society’s beliefs, and it shows his struggles along the way. Bradbury’s relatable themes make the reader think of the similarities between the book and their world, and is a key element in why the book is so successful. Ray Bradbury masters the effect that the reader is in Montag's head and gives you a view from his thoughts.

Rhetorical Analysis
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He has accomplished this by using relatable themes that the reader can relate to. A major theme in Fahrenheit 451 is mass media. In the book, almost everyone but a select few are attached to their t.vs and live their lives through them. This is very relatable to today's world where a lot of people are addicted to their phones and can’t live without them. In both situations, media has created an addiction that they can’t escape. One part of the book we have not quite reached is people who think and wander are weird. Very few people wander and think anymore, but we haven’t quite yet hit that point yet even though we are on a route for it. Also, violence being a social norm is becoming very relatable to our world. For example, “I’m afraid of children my own age. They kill each other...I’m afraid of them and they don’t like me because I’m afraid” (Bradbury 30). Today some kids around the world are also afraid to go to school. This is because of all the school shootings and killing we have had. Just like in the book, kids kill each other for no reason. Fahrenheit 451’s themes are very relatable to our society and is a big reason for its

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