Fahrenheit 451 Freedom Of Speech Analysis

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Commentary #4.
The most important theme of Fahrenheit 451 is restriction of freedom of speech because of the fear to offend another person in the society. There are strict censorship laws in the totalitarian society of Fahrenheit 451. In the novel the job of a fireman is to start a fire and watch the forbidden literature burn, these firemen had never read the books they burn nor were they all allowed to keep one for more than 24 hours. “It was a pleasure to burn”, the opening line of Fahrenheit 451 clearly states that the destructive firemen enjoyed lighting fires.
In Today’s world freedom of speech is highly appreciated but its limits are largely debated on different platforms. The constitution of US give the right to the people to say whatever they want and wherever they want as long as it does not affect a person physically and the means of communication [written or published] are peaceful. There has never been a complete freedom of speech or freedom to offend or be blasphemous. For example the Bestselling Novel Harry Potter, by J.K. Rowling was reported to the Office for Intellectual Freedom for being anti-family/anti-social, Satanism and religious viewpoint. Also in 2008 the book His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman was reported on the basis of political and religious viewpoint and violence. It is the right of freedom of speech that these books are still available to read on the library shelves. Similarly not all but the intellectual, controversial and

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