Censorship In Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Nowadays, people face problems with governments or a higher power censoring key information. This can happen at times when entire societies do not know the censorship is occurring. For example, governments in some countries block websites from loading; They can take down websites only from filtering a censored phrase. Likewise, in Fahrenheit 451, a dystopian novel by Ray Bradbury, all information in books is burned. The books containing information being burned by firemen, ordered by government officials, have now been censored by a higher power. Both some governments today censoring information and firemen burning books in Fahrenheit 451 shows that information can be censored by a higher power. Although different in how information is censored, …show more content…

The author writes that Captain Beatty and his crew take orders from the government to burn the books. The government in this book is considered a higher power; This can be proven from the TV walls, lack of people not knowing what emotions they are feeling, and the books holding valuable information being burned. TV walls are screens that the government controls that the people are addicted to. Because people are consistently watching the walls, the government has the power to control what information people are being given. By burning the books, the government has now eliminated all power for people to have their free will to read, learn, and do what they want themselves. When Montag says describes the kerosene as like a perfume in the air,” his reaction to this is not negative, more so positive. This proves that information about topics, lead with a good or bad intention, can persuade people’s minds to change how they view things as good or bad. Because the government in Fahrenheit 451 Lead the public to believe that burning books was a good thing to do, although known to be bad, over the years has changes peoples attitude towards said topics. Controlling what information is available has led to the government controlling people's emotions over

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