Fahrenheit 451 And The Island Comparison

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A dystopian film is a genre that can be described as a dark vision of the future. A dystopian film is normally set in the future. Dystopian films have dystopian worlds. Dystopian worlds are shown as worst case scenarios worlds, like for example the city was very overpopulated and polluted. These are the complete opposite of a Utopian world. Two key aspects in a dystopian text are the reflections of society and futuristic settings and how they have changed overtime. The two texts I will use to support the points are Fahrenheit 451 and The Island. The first aspect of change is reflection of society. Reflections of society means taking themes and issue that are current to that time and using them in a way to terrify the audience and create worst …show more content…

One aspect of reflection of society, is by the controls used over citizens. Controls like governmental control, corporate control, technological control or religious control. Controls are used in society so that citizens have no rights and you have full control over them. This is called brainwashing. The reason why these controls are important to dystopian films is because dystopian films are a dark vision of the future, so by using these controls in society, the film can seem more scary and frightening to the audiences. Dystopian films want to scare the audience about the future, so these controls are blown out of proportion to scare the audience and shown them a worst case scenario. The control that is being used in Fahrenheit 451 is government control. Government control is used in the text, as the firefighters of the society, start to burn all the books in society. This book burning is called censorship. Censorship is used in Fahrenheit 451 so that no citizens in society have information about history and stories. This is so only the government is able to control the messages and information that society receives. The reason why governmental control is use in Fahrenheit 451, is because WWII was not that long ago when the movie came out and only …show more content…

Futuristic settings of the time is shown by the technology used in the film and how it affects dystopian films as a genre. Technology has grown every year so the improvements in technology shown in the films has had to improve also overtime, to keep up with audience knowledge of technology. Futuristic settings also means how the environment looks and what clothes the citizens are wearing. The reason why these characteristic are important to dystopian films is because almost all dystopian films are set in the future, so by having these futuristic settings and characteristic, the audience can have an idea of what the future might look like if we continue on this path. Futuristic aspects that have been used in Fahrenheit 451 are the technology being used and transport vehicles. The houses that the citizens live in look more futuristic than the homes in the 1960s, like the house that Montay lives in Fahrenheit 451. Montay’s house has flat screen T.V and automatic doors, which didn't exist in the 60s. The transportation that Montay use is also futuristic, as there are hanging electric trains and flying jet packs. Both transportations didn't exist in the 60s. Fahrenheit 451 uses these futuristic items, so that the audience can see what the future might look like if we continue on this path. The futuristic aspects that have been used in The Island are the technology being used and environment. Lincoln’s cell has a

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