Arguments Against Banning Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 has an astonishingly accurate future depiction of a society in which everyone is too distracted by technology, so they ignore most of the world around them. The community members are not aware of nature or other human beings, and they never take time to actually think deeply about life and ideas in general. Many high school and middle school teach this book in curriculums nationwide, because the addiction to technology and hatred of books portrayed in the book is beginning to be prevalent in our society. This book also glorifies individuality by admiring a girl who is different from everyone else. In the past, many parents have decided to challenge this book due to the violence, the religious discrimination, the foul language, and the references to drinking and smoking. Some school districts have banned Fahrenheit 451 from …show more content…

Others have decided not to ban it, because of the first amendment. Although banning Fahrenheit 451 would be an infringement on the author's right to speak freely, the long-lasting mental and physical devastation to the children reading this book that arises as a result of

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