The Argumentative Essay Of Banning Books

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At one point in time, over 7,220 books have been challenged to be banned. Though these books have been removed for the safety of children, not all books should be banned for many reasons. These include the fact that banning books is infringing on the First Amendment, keeping children from understanding the real world, and, even though there are many reasons for book banning, not banning books could help a student’s education and can even work against itself. Banning a book from a school or public library could go against a person’s First Amendment of the freedom of press. The First Amendment states, “…abridging the freedom of speech or of press…” When a book is banned, it is denying the freedom of an author to express him or herself and is denying a person the right to access that book. Although banning books is the freedom to express an opinion against the book, it would hurt the author that wrote the book and make them feel inferior. Taken from I Am Very Real written by Kurt Vonnegut, “You have insulted me, and I am a good citizen, and I am very real.” In this, Kurt Vonnegut is showing how when one of his books was banned, how offended and hurt he was by that one action. The people banning the …show more content…

A parent or the student should be the one who decided whether or not the book is appropriate. Also, when a child is sheltered from the world, a book with just a bit of adult material could help them understand what really happens. It could prepare them so when they do become older and get a job, the world doesn’t put them into complete shock. Taken from Common Reasons for Banning Books, “…it is important that the reader makes his/her judgments on the book.” To elaborate on this, another person shouldn’t tell a student what and what not to read. It is their and their parent’s decision to

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