Argumentative Essay: The Banning Of Books

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Rough Draft Essay #2 What do you think when you hear something has been banned or censored? Most of us think this “Oh that’s great” because it had content that wasn’t okay for people to see. Today in modern society books are banned/censored because people see them as not appropriate for people to see. The banning/censoring books isn’t the best idea because some books are banned just because they have content that is seen a “mature” or “illegal”. One category of books that has been banned and censored time and time again are books with LGBTQIA+ material. Banning these books are not okay. They are closing door for not only to help people who identify with an LGBTQIA+ ,but they are closing the door so people can learn about the LGBTQIA+ community. One’s actions of banning anything affects everyone, it can be out of selfness or selfishness, it can impact everyone around …show more content…

Torch every book. Char every page. Burn every word to ash. Ideas are incombustible. And therein lies your real fear.” ― Ellen Hopkins. No matter what people do to ban or censor books it won’t get rid of books forever. Ideas can not be destroyed and can’t be get rid of. Every book that has been created has a message behind it. For it be for accepting yourself or people to show you the real world. Either way those are all to teach us something. When you ban and censor books inside those books are the fears you hold and that you don’t want to see. It is because of that reason why today there are so many social problems in our world. Not banning books wouldn’t solve all the social problems in the world but it would take us into the right direction. Keep people from the truth of banned books is the same as lying to them. Not letting your children and even just normal people read something because you don’t see it correct does it make it correct for them not to read that book. Banning and censoring books is keeping the truth while telling lies and holding mankind from moving

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