Argumentative Essay: Should Books Be Banned From Schools

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Intro 1: What if your young child is looking through a book at your public library and comes across a topic that was way too mature for their mind set. Would you be okay with it? A big controversial issue that has been going on in the past year is if books should be banned. Now, no one is trying to banish libraries across the globe but people have requested to ban books that are inappropriate. This matter has grown to be worse because everyone has an opinion. In some cases books were banned from schools because parents believed there kids should not be opened to certain topic in the stories. Another issue is students have been sent home to read books for certain classes that talk about touchy subjects. For example, religion and magic. Parents …show more content…

Students can use books to grow their knowledge about our everyday day life. “It is important to help students see that everyone 's view counts” (Scales). By allowing students to see different points of views they’re able to experience situations unfamiliar to them and learn about different cultures and societies. If they don’t have the opportunity to read these books then they might miss out on these vital lessons. Children need to know about sensitive topics and strong ideas. If kids are not exposed to this material than they might not truly understand big pieces of history. If books were banned we would have less options to read and our education wouldn 't be as strong. In conclusion, books should not be banned. If books were banned then our education world lesson and our knowledge would be much slimmer. If people start banning books now ten years from now we would be left with little to nothing to read. Generations from now kids would not know about things taught in today 's society. Wed practically be living in a black hole. Also, with less variety of books, more people would stop reading. Since people would stop reading they would be more attracted to

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