Should Books Be Banned In 'Animal Farm' By George Orwell

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There is at least 300 books banned a year for foul language, but don’t you think that an invasion of the authors freedom of press and an invasion of children 's first amendment as well? So I think that books should not be banned. I have three main idea the first on is that the books can be about history and they have some language back then that was fine but is not fine today. The second reason is that libraries should be able to hold all types of books but have an age restricted area. The last reason is that it will get rid of children’s first amendment, and the authors first right as well. Some people believe that books should not be banned from schools because they need to learn what happened. The first reason is that the books can be about our history and they used some words that are know bad. In the book Animal Farm “The three hens who had been ringleaders in the attempted rebellion over the eggs now came forward and stated that snowball had appeared to them in their dreams and incited to disobey napoleon 's orders” (Orwell 84).The book Animal Farm by George Orwell is a good book, but on page 84 the leader of the farm murdered 3 hens because they were rebelling to save their kids.Some people think that Animal Farm should be banned for having murder in the book but thats what happened back then during the russian revolution.“There is some Gore in the book that makes people uncomfortable,”(avi selk 16 ).If the book makes people uncomfortable than they should not read the

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