Should Books Be Banned Essay

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Books, Should We Ban Them Or Not: Banned books are books that have been taken out of public environments because of many different reasons. Books should not be banned simply because we have the rights to any books. Banned Books can teach important things about our history. Books that have been banned teach great morals/lesson even with the negative content. Banning Books infringes on people 's personal rights. Body Paragraphs (at least THREE) Books should not be banned because people have rights to any book. “You get to feel things, visit places and worlds you would never otherwise know. You learn that everyone else out there is a me, as well. You 're being someone else, and when you return to your own world, you 're going to be slightly …show more content…

“over 1500 books are challenged becuase of “explisit” sexcual content..” (“Banned and challenged books by the numbers”).(12 infographics about banned and challenged books). Books are one of the best sources for information Kids are missing out on the great quality of books that have/will be banned. “Parents who don 't like specific books can have their kids "opt out" of an assignment without infringing on the rights of others. The National Coalition against Censorship explained that "Even books or materials that many find 'objectionable ' may have educational value, and the decision about what to use in the classroom should be based on professional judgments and standards, not individual preferences." [6] In the 1982 Supreme Court ruling on Board of Education v. Pico, Justice Brennan wrote that taking books off of library shelves could violate students ' First Amendment rights, adding that "Local school boards may not remove books from school libraries simply because they dislike the ideas contained in those books." [21]” ( Banning books in school can create a problem for the teachers that are trying to assign something to the class. With the new addition to the first amendment schools will have the rights to any books. When books are banned the life lessons in the books are also

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