Why Is Banning Books Banned

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In libraries throughout the world in October there is a thing called reading banned books that have censorship in them and after they read it, find out why it has been banned in other places. In some places banned books are a big thing and mean a lot to others that are into the situation of why a lot of the books, magazines, movies are banned. In some libraries they actually take the items that are too bad out of the shelves so no one can see them or read them. many people are for it or against it. In my personal opinion I would be against it.

The first reason I would be against banning books in library is because it gets more people to read. A lot of people are into the books that are up to read. It catches one's attention and makes …show more content…

Not only kids want to read them, but grown ups too it isn't fair that they ban it for everyone. For those that it upsets shouldn't matter, they do have a variety of choices to pick from, rather than books they don't want to read. Many can't understand books others read and want to read what they want. I think that it might be the biggest problem for a lot, banning books that aren't a problem unless those that don't like it read it, then it might be their problem but other than that it should be such a bother, there is so much more to pick through.

The last reason banning books is a problem around the world is how it isn't hurting anyone unless they read it and it's those that aren't such a big fan of them. Books should not be banned just because a few others don't like them. Around the world it makes so many upset that libraries are doing that. It isn't fair that others can't read what they enjoy without books being banned. It could be a problem if younger children are reading them, and it has sexual talked, cursed words, but, they could do something about it with under age

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