Hannah Bailey's Journey

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Hannah Bailey is a senior attending Warsaw Community High School in Warsaw, Indiana. While in school she lives with her grandparents while her dad works off shore. Hannah has lived in Warsaw, Indiana since birth and she firmly beliefs that the town is conservative. Music, art, and writing is her passion. She highly believes in liberal art, and hope to become a filmmaker. She is a hard worker in which she dedicates her time preparing for college and her future; However, in between school and her personal life she finds time to take upon a relationship with her boyfriend, Joel, of two years. Hannah’s boyfriend is her world; she expresses that without him life is useless. With all her dependence on him in school, engaging with her peers is un-compliable. Instead of hanging out with the other teens in her school she prefers to hang with her friends in the liberal department. Many of the students express that Hannah does not suite their expectations as a friend. For example: During the film the school hosted prom the senior prom, while at the prom Hannah stayed distant from the other students. …show more content…

Joel, the love of Hannah’s life found interest in another girl at school. Because they are not talking anymore, Hannah decides to stop coming to school for a few weeks. Knowing that he was the only person she cared for, he left her questionable and weak. The break up between them to brought Hannah to a very dark place. At this very moment Hannah felt that everyone was against her. However, this was no excuse to missing school. The school educators and Counselor demanded that she return back to school or they will have to dismiss her from

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