The Devil's Arithmetic Character Analysis

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Being identified as having a National Jewish Book Award for children 's literature the book The Devil 's Arithmetic by Jane Yolen’ is a historical fiction book about a Jewish family that changes with the flip of a page. Hannah travels back in time when her and her family are at a family dinner called the Seder about the Holocaust. Hannah had been forced out of their living space to go to a unknown place but rather than later, she figures out she is going to a concentration camp. While her and her family are at the concentration camp many of her friends and her family do not survive. Not only does this change Hannah from being a static character to a dynamic character it changes Hannah as a person because she goes from being selfish, scared,to relieved. However, it is not only Hannah that goes through this. At the opening of the historical fiction novel, Hannah is recalled as a self-centered, insulting person and a rascal. With the trouble some brother that she has, Hannah is unwilling about going to the Seder. The Seder is a family gathering feast that the Jewish families went to. In the intro of the book Hannah says “I am not hungry. I ate a big dinner at Rosemary’s. And I do not want to go to the Seder. Aaron and and I will be the only kids there and everyone will say how much we have grown even though they just saw us last months” (3-4). In the beginning of the book Hannah’s main point in life at this point is to only be happy with herself and not have to do what her
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