Sleeping Freshman Never Lie Analysis

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A Freshman from Zenger High is going through a lot of troubles trying to survive his first year in High School. He has to deal with friends, girls, and family issues. Overtime, his friends drift apart from him and went their own ways. He cares about the opinions of others a little too much, which causes him to live in fear. He´s trying to get his old friend Julia, to notice him but he freezes up everytime he goes near her. Scott, the protagonist of Sleeping Freshman Never lie, by David Lubar, and I are alike in many ways. We both share the same view of the world, are viewed by the world in similar ways and I would respond in a comparable way to the central conflict of the novel. Therefore, I believe given the chance, we could be friends. At…show more content…
He feels like he has to go through a lot to get something he wants. To get closer to Julia, he joined Student council, The school’s newspaper articles, and student council. He didn’t want to but he did anyways for her. He feels like his parents is unfair for having another child and I felt the same when I found out my mom was having another baby a few years ago. Scott said that him and his older brother Bobby, was enough. His friend Mitch found a girlfriend and never heard from him again. Kyle joined the wrestling team and left scott and his other friend Patrick. Patrick moved ways to Japan because of his dad’s job. He didn’t understand why everyone was being so unkind and inconsiderate towards him. So he decided to make a change. I think the world is ok you just have to have the right influences and be around the right people. I have a lot of inspirational people in my life and and I view them as important because I get most of my motivation from them. I view my parents as inspirational because they try to help others and that influences me to help others just like Scott’s parents . The rest of my friends and family motivated me because they are doing good things in life and I want to be like them, or even better. I feel like everyone can be successful at something if they really wanted
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