Four Year College Is The Best Choice For Everyone Essay

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Are things that are considered mainstream always the best choice for everybody? A four-year college is the mainstream and the majority of people feel the need or pressure to attend. Is it the best option? Can it be paid for? Is the interest in school present? Does the job the student wants require a degree? These are some of the many questions people ask when deciding where or if they should go to college. It is a depressing thought because college no longer the only option for higher education, but a business. A four year college is not for everyone.There are many jobs that do need a valid college degree, doctors being the first-rate example. My cousin is studying to be a cardiovascular therapist and must earn at least a b on every assignment …show more content…

There is a girl and both of her parents graduated from college, in fact, her dad is a doctor, while her mom is a teacher. The next dad in the story is an entrepreneur who is not even sure if he graduated high school. The other mom also graduated college and was a teacher, but gave it up 13 years ago to help the entrepreneur and stay home with her daughter. If someone took a look at the houses both families lived in they would not only assume the doctor lived in the house that the entrepreneur owns, but they would be so confident they would place a bet on it. Oh, how they would be mistaken. So many people believe the only way to succeed in life is to begin with graduating with a four-year college degree. They seem to have this illogical thought that with this degree comes job and financial stability. College degrees alone do not bring money, hard work does. In many cases hard work is a college degree, but not for everybody. Only certain professions need college degrees. It does not matter what other people think of as successful. What matters is the happiness of the person in their

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