Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie Analysis

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David Lubar’s book Sleeping Freshmen Never lie is a coming of age novel because the adolescent protagonist Scott Hudson is on his way to maturity. Scott Hudson throughout the novel has proved to mature emotionally, mentally and most notably physically. In the first place, the main character Scott Hudson showed his mental progression in the novel from when on page 217, (his former bully, and now new friend). Was standing one against three; however, Scott saw this and stood by his friend because he is mentally mature enough to stand up with and help his friends. Another reason he is growing mentally is on page 272 when Scott stands up to Vernon (Quarterback for football team and a bully).Vernon confront him and Julia (the girl he has liked forever and previous girlfriend of Vernon). However, because the bully did not have any of his friends to back him up Scott stands up to him knowing that he is weak without his friends.…show more content…
However, it is most likely because Scott got stronger. Something else to back this up is, on page 239 Scott easily handles his old friend Kyle who is on the wrestling team and is bigger than Scott. Another piece of evidence is that on pages 126 – 150 Scotts’ voice starts cracking showing a change in his voice as it is getting deeper. The last point is, on page 240 he makes a point about how he is out growing his clothes, which means he is getting taller and bigger. In conclusion, the novel Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie is a coming of age novel, because of the way Scott changes, mentally, physically, and emotionally. The ways he changes prove that he is going through puberty and on his way to adulthood and maturity. Lastly, Lubar really does do a good job of showcasing the way Scott deals with his situations in high
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