Catcher In The Rye Coming Of Age Analysis

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The Coming Of Age

Many people struggle to grow up and, being adults, but many do grow up. Phoebe and Stradlater teach about coming of age to Holden. They teach him things like not being childish and growing up, and how it 's okay to grow up. In the book Catcher In The Rye by J.D. Salinger, Stradlater, and Phoebe help develop the theme of coming of age by teaching Holden that he should himself and not be childish, accordingly how it 's okay to grow up. Holden struggles to grow up so Phoebe and Stradlater teach him some things about maturity and the coming of age. So, that 's something about how Phoebe and Stradlater teach Holden about the coming of age. To Start, Stradlater teaches Holden that he shouldn 't be childish and not to act like a child. A quote that I think that has to mean is that this story explains how Stradlater and Holden get into a fight. ¨Why the hell dontcha shut up when I tell ya to?¨ he said. He sounded pretty nervous.He probably was scared I fractured my skull or something when I hit the floor. It 's too bad I didn 't. (pg.45) The quote shows how Holden and Stradlater got into a fight. It connects to the claim because Holden is childish for a fight.Holden fought him because of Jane but Stradlater didn 't know that Holden liked her. Stradlater was scared he broke Holden’s skull.They were both being childish. Stradlater fought him because Holden kept bothering him about a glove when it really wasn’t about it. It was more

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