Jackie Robinson: Organized Baseball In The 1940's

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“Since being accepted in Organized Baseball, most of the articles I read are based mostly on my color” (Zeiler, 79). Jackie Robinson had many hardships when it came to baseball, especially since it was during the 1940’s. This was a time period of much racism and Jim Crow laws were still going strong. Everyone during this time period still believed in separate but equal. Jackie Robinson said that he “confessed that he had come very close to smashing in the teeth of his tormentor” (Zeiler, 29). He never liked hearing the words nigger and during that time period that was a word constantly said to provoke the African Americans. Many Southern white man found nothing wrong with saying this word to African Americans. I believe that many people did…show more content…
The “Negro Leagues (the generic name for the organized black major leagues from 1920 through the 1940s) also provided opportunities for black players, executives, and towns to thrive in an unequal United States and The Negro Leagues also provided opportunities for civic engagement, serving, for example, as a forum for the civil rights movement” (Zeiler, 6) He had great talent and would soon move on for the Negro League and be scouted out by Rickey. Jackie was seen as a good player who could keep his calm and play the sport he loves. Jackie Robinson told Rickey “ I felt pretty sure I would stay out of rhubarbs [fights] on the field”(Zeiler, 59). His calmness was often put to the test by mainy…show more content…
This is because of the time period and the simple fact that they didn’t believe that you could share the same water fountain. This past american sport is something that the white believed was “their sport”. Some people like the Jewish councilman fought for the right of black males playing because Jewish man also went through the struggle of not being able to play and if they did some were forced to change their name to something more “American”. The minorities had to stick together and the minorities where the Native Americans, Hispanics, Jewish and African American. The minorities had a positive response to this life changing event, but extremely negative from the majority. To have the cops on you just for playing a game you love must be horrible. Also to hear someone call you N***** while you are just trying to carry on day by day is even
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