Similarities Between 42 And The Prezi

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As he stepped on the plate he was ready for the pitcher to throw the ball. The pitcher threw the ball so fast you could miss it. The bat struck the ball. “Clack!” The ball flew out of the stadium. He was one of the greatest baseball players. In 1947, Jackie Robinson joined the Brooklyn Dodgers. He was the first African-American baseball player to join the Major Leagues. As an African-American he faced racial discrimination in life and on the baseball diamond.From 1896-1964 racial segregation was legal in the United States. Both the film “42” and the Prezi show that there was separations of Blacks and Whites. Unlike the Prezi, the film does not show that there were other people leading the struggle for civil rights. Jackie was not the only person …show more content…

There were many more, like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., etc.
Racial Segregation is the separation of people based on race or ethnicity. The Prezi describes that the South had “de jure” segregation, which means that segregation was written in the law. Meanwhile, the North had “de facto” segregation, which means that it was not written in the law but was practiced by people. In New York City, it was not against the law for Jackie Robinson to play in the Major Leagues, but he was still discriminated. For example in the film, Jackie Robinson's wife wanted to use the restroom and the signs for bathrooms showed one side for white people and the other side for African-American’s. The Prezi also mentioned that there were two systems of public accommodations which was one whites only and one for African-American’s. Even though white and blacks had to go to different places based on race or ethnicity white people had better accommodations than black people did. In the film “42” they did not talk about Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a civil rights activist in Alabama. She was arrested in 1955 for not giving up

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