Essay On Apartheid In South Africa

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Apartheid The unbelievable crimes that have occurred in South Africa are horrific. The fight for freedom and democracy has cost many innocent lives and harm to almost all black South Africans. Apartheid was the policy of segregation or discrimination or ground of race. Even though the fight has come a long way it is not over yet. It all started in 1948, when the government of South Africa introduced new laws putting a fine line between black and white. The new laws that the government had set in place made lives for black people very difficult at the time. When this law was put in place, the differences between blacks and whites were very clear. Whites got preferential treatment, just for being white whereas blacks had to struggle with daily …show more content…

South Africa was divided into 13 nations; the whites, colored, Indians and 10 black African groups. Apartheid was put into place in order to stop contact of different nations to occur, because whenever these nations came into contact, there would be arguments and friction between the few. Apartheid was used to avoid contact between these races as much as possible to create a society without friction or war. These laws were created to ensure people of different groups did not associate with each other, share any public facilities or interact with one another in any way. This was to make sure there was to be no conflict of interest between any parties that come into …show more content…

This consisted of black students living in Soweto - a town that was hugely affected by apartheid, fighting for better education. These students believed that they were not getting the best education because of their skin color and decided to take a stance. They started strikes in schools, which took an affect on lessons, causing them to stop classes, and pupils also went on hunger strikes. This went on for a day or so before police started to fight back with brute force, releasing tear gas and bullets. The actions of the police cost the lives of over 600 innocent

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