African Americans In The 1920 Summary

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The lecture on African Americans in the 1920s by Professor David Canton is very disturbing. His lecture was on the different unjust treatment that African Americans endured. The professor, to me, was trying to make the listener feel the anguish that African Americans did in the 1920s. In some sense he appeared passionate and at times angry about the treatment of African Americans. The government supported this hostile treatment because they believed African Americans were being subversive if they stood up and defended themselves. In listening to the lecture it is evident that there was unfair treatment with fatal outcome at times of African Americans. Throughout history I have seen the changes made by society and government. African Americans have been heard and continue to be heard as issues occur. I find it hard to describe in words how I feel about the treatment of African Americans in years past. As a veteran I cannot imagine sacrificing my life fighting for the freedom of others and to be denied my own freedom in my country. Many African-American veterans were denied such basic rights and equalities under the law. Contrary, the government continued to suppress any African American whom they believed was subversive. The government set up a Military Intelligence …show more content…

Many government officials were involved in attempting to suppress the African American race. The African American race showed persistence and tenacity in fighting for their rights. Most African Americans in this timeframe were born in the United States therefore they should have been given the same rights. We cannot deny that rights and freedoms were given to African Americans that allowed them to stand up for their rights. Many changes did occur and laws passed as a result of this. Even today we continue to adapt and make

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