Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome Summary

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In the book Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome written by Dr.Joy DeGruy she explains how the past events in American history has lead to post traumatic slave syndrome. She explains that the way African Americans were treated during the slave era and after has had an everlasting effect on African Americans. The book goes on to describe how America has been denying its past and has not helped to integrated and level all the playing fields for African Americans. The book brings to light how we can try to contribute in making America a fair and equal place for all as most claim it to be. Through the book DeGruy talks about the four major contributing factors for the reason why America is the way it is. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, vacant esteem; ever-present anger and racial socialization are all very important to making America a fair and equal country. Post traumatic slave syndrome is the everlasting effect that slavery has had on African Americans for example how African Americans perceive other darker and “bad hair” African Americans less than fair skinned and “good hair” African American. This was practiced by the slave owners and would give more power and privileges to the fair skinned good hair slaves. This is just one example of PTSS and its effect on African Americans today. …show more content…

I had known about lynching before this book however Dr. DeGruy goes into detail about the horrific acts. She explains how men that went though no legal process were brutally beaten burned and lynched simply because they talked or looked a white women or simply just stood up for them self. Its disgust me that people would take pictures and treat a lynching like a joyful ceremony. It is disturbing to think that another man would cut off another man 's body parts and keep them as a souvenir. This really made think about the atrocities that were committed in our country that no one has paid

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