Talac Wexler's Fire In A Canebrake

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Fire in a Canebrake Reading “Fire in a Canebrake” was very absorbing. I found that the events that occurred in this book are parallel to events today. I found this nonfiction narrative to be an ongoing investigation that has yet to be solved. From the events leading up to the election to Talmadge, to police brutality, to black & white racism crimes. Reading this novel contrary to this presidential election soon to come is ironic. Talmadge campaign reminds me of Trump’s campaign and what they stand for, which is both positive and negative to some, are similar. Just as back then police brutality with the Rodney King to now the Travon Martin and Mike Brown cases where justice wasn’t found, I’ll say there is nothing new under the sun. This story parallels to events in today’s society. This story goes to show that not so much has changed between back then and now. I also found this story interesting because it hit close to home, discussing the events that took …show more content…

Many were sharecroppers and had no real means of advancement. By pointing out their daily lives in such the way Wexler did, made it understandable and heartbreaking. The disappointing yet true part of the book is that it was kind of long and drawn out and after reading the entire book case isn’t solved. Wexler does a good job in providing investigative facts. The book is sadly lacking in good photos which would have given readers a visual effect of the mass lynching and add a little pathos to the story. There were awkward wording throughout, and made it a little difficult to read. The extra names and dates that appeared throughout, sort of threw me on tangents and made it less understandable. I felt that at sometimes I was being thrown random facts in the most awkward moments but were all related to the story. Wexler shows that a lot of research went into this story long after it happened and does a great job remaining

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