Warriors Don T Cry Analysis

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Melba Pattillo Beals wrote Warriors Don’t Cry as a memoir of her battle to integrate Little Rock’s Central High. The nonfictional story focuses on the life of Melba Pattillo Beals, one of the nine teenagers chosen to integrate central high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Being threatened and harassed by her school mates while her own community ignore her during her attempt to bring equality in Arkansas is heartbreaking as her remarkable story is displayed in this book. There are lots of literary elements used to create this memoir as they help the writing spring to life. Some of them are: first point of view, conflict, plot, theme, symbolism etc. The central theme is courage and overcoming racism and social injustice. By using first person …show more content…

The descriptions were written in a naturalistic form as well which made it easier for me to imagine all the scenes in my mind and play them like a movie which helped a lot to understand the book better. One particular scene that I couldn't forget from the memoir was when Melba was about to get raped by a white man, who I assume is a segregationist. “I’ll show you niggers the Supreme Court can't run my life” he said while trying to unclothe her. (Pg.16) This scene occurred even before Melba went to integrate in an all white school. Showing an act of astounding courage, Melba still went to an all white school despite the traumatic experience. Lots of very realistic dialogues stood out to me but when the segregationists crowded central high on the first day and were screaming “Niggers, go home! Niggers, go back where you belong!” (Pg.35) I felt a pang in my heart as someone of my own family was hearing those cruel words. Despite hearing those kinds of words every day and still standing up what she believed in is what true courage is all about. In conclusion, Warriors Don’t Cry is a memoir that will help you get motivated and believe that if there is will there is a way. By using courage and will you can do almost anything even if it seems impossible.

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