African Americans In The North Dbq Essay

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Although blacks were technically granted freedom in the North by the nineteenth century at the latest, in practice they were only granted restricted amounts of economic and social freedom while their political freedom was nonexistent. Despite their newly acquired freedom blacks in the north were constantly subjected to racial prejudices that undermined any effort to actively participate in the development of the American political system. Out of the six New England states in the North only one of the states, Massachusetts which was more tolerant of blacks at the time, permitted black males to both vote and serve jury duty, indicating that blacks had very little say over their representatives in the North (Doc A ). African American’s ability …show more content…

Subsequent to development the Northwest Ordinance owning and selling slaves became illegal and therefore free slaves gained the ability to control their own labor and property(Doc B ). They are consequently free to work, produce, consume, and invest in any way that they pleases as long as it’s within the perimeter of the law(Doc B ). The ability of blacks to obtain paid jobs, even though it wasn’t probable for them to obtain well paid jobs due to racism, indicates that they were then able to build upon their wealth, just like any free white man in the North(Doc B ). African Americans and their descendants were also permitted to gather freely without the presence of a white overseer who would restrict their ability to speak freely(Doc D ). Within a church of their own, blacks were able to congregate to not only pray but also to fight for their social rights, receive an education, shelter fugitive slaves, get married, and be buried(Doc D ). This demonstrates the notion that African Americans were given freedom of speech and

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