How Did Jim Crow Laws Justify The Inequity Between Black And White People

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For years, laws have justified white supremacy in America, and the oppression of black people as well. Before there were Jim Crow laws, there were black codes. Before there were black codes, there were slave codes. These three things were all used to provide white people with a sense of supremacy and protection, while subjugating and oppressing black people. Slave codes began in 1705 to validate the treatment of black slaves and to divide and conquer. Black codes came into the picture after the civil war. Black codes were mainly used to put black people into a position as similar to slavery as possible. Later, Jim Crow laws came into America. They were used as a way to continue oppressing and separating black people. For hundreds of years, there have been countless laws made to justify devaluing black lives and protect the legality of slavery. After Bacon’s Rebellion, indentured servitude was no longer an option given to black people. Due to a new set of laws called slave codes, freedom and equity became almost …show more content…

This was supposed to mark the end of slavery and the beginning of freedom for black people. In no way did this mean equality or even equity between black and white people would exist. The inequity between black and white people didn’t suddenly come to an abrupt ending. White people still had superiority over black people and the law was still in their favor. Not to mention, people were still extremely prejudice. The south was especially upset considering they didn’t want to pay for labor that was once free to them. There continued to be a major separation in American society and by law. Slave codes quickly became black codes. These were a similar set of laws to slave codes, with the same overall goal. The civil war marked freedom to 4 million slaves. It did not outlaw slavery, nor did it stop slavery from continuing on in different forms, such as

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